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Things were finally back to normal. The team returned to the Culbertson mansion. Fall Out Boy had been defeated, and everyone was fine. Life was normal.
Great Saiyagirl and Kaptain K were training in Silver Hills. The Welder was studying up on American-lingo. Metro Boy was sitting on the front porch eating cheetos. Sith was with her boyfriend. Dark Warrior was cuddling with the TGS box. PeeWee was resting inside of his basketball. Captain Z was still MIA. Gym Mania was working at the coffee house. Poodle Boy and Beastmanda were playing fetch. Count Draken Star was playing his Xbox360. Cousin Shane, Ninja Gaiden, and Game Boy were at the skate park. Seonce was watching Metro Boy eat cheetos with little hearts floating around her head. Turkey Man was eating. XmanX was at a hardcore show. The Goer was playing DDR with Antonio Bandares. the Pretty Paver was paving. PokeGirl and Queen of the Samurais were on myspace. and Awesome Dude was just in California living his life.

As Metro Boy and Seonce sat on the front porch, they had a conversation about the future of Team GO! "You know, I can really see us being together like this. Even when we're like 80." said Metro Boy as he shoved a cheeto in his mouth. "Yeah, together!" said Seonce as she smiled, the hearts around her head danced. "I could not picture myself ever doing anything else, this is my calling." he said, licking the cheese off his fingers. "Oh...were you talking about being together forever with Team GO!?" asked Seonce. "Yeah...what else would I be talking about?" replied Metro Boy. "Oh...nothing." replied Seonce, followed be a sigh, the hearts around her head cracked down the middle and vanished. By this time Great Saiyagirl and Kaptain K had returned from their training session. They walked up to the front porch of the Culbertson manison.

"Hey friends." said Great Saiyagirl, sitting down on the step next to Seonce. "Hey girl, do you want to go dance? I need to blow off some steam." said Seonce. "Sure, let's go." replied Great Saiyagirl and the two got up and walked into the front door of the mansion. K and Metro Boy were left. "Do you think it's really a wise idea for us to hang out on the front porch of the Culbertson mansion, for all the cars driving down Main Street in NeoAlbany to see?" asked K. "Eh, whatever. I don't mind. It's dark." replied Metro Boy. "True." said K. They sat there silently for a while. They heard the door behind them crack open a bit, and the Welder peaked out his head. "Well bloaks, it sure is a jolly nice night outside." said the Welder as he stepped out onto the porch, pulling up a chair next to K. "It sure is." replied the Kaptain. "So how is your studying of American-lingo going?" asked Metro Boy. "Well, fo sheezy, it sho is goin' good, my nigguh! Represent!" the Welder replied in a very gangstuh-like-fashion. Metro Boy and K sat there silently for a moment, before they both burst out in a rage of uncontrolable laughter.

In the lower regions of the mansion there was a nice dance studio where Great Saiyagirl and Seonce were. Seonce was teaching Great Saiyagirl some moves from her favorite Destiny's Child video. "Great Saiyagirl," Seonce began, "You're a little bit older than me, so you probably know a little bit more about life, so I must ask you, how do you get a boy to notice you?" she asked. "Well, if those little hearts that are always floating around your head aren't enough, then he must be rather dense." Great Saiyagirl replied. Seonce stopped dancing. "You can see those hearts?" she asked. "Of course, everybody can." Great Saiyagirl replied, as she spun around. Seonce blushed. Just then, Great Saiyagirls DS communicator beeped. She flipped it open and read the message. "Oh no!" she said, looking up at Seonce. "The Goer was dropping Antonio Bandares back off in Mexico and she spotted an unmarked ship in the area. She also felt a very strong power level near by. We must inform the team and get out there to help her." said Great Saiyagirl.

The two girls ran out to the front porch where K, Metro Boy, and the Welder were. "There's bad stuff going on down in Mexico!" shouted Seonce. "Well of course, it's Mexico, fool!" replied the Kaptain. "No, she means really bad stuff, like crazy power levels." said Great Saiyagirl. "Hmf, well then, what are we waiting for, TEAM GO!" shouted the Kaptain as the flew off into the night time sky. His GO!cry was heard by the ears of all the Team GO! members throughout Metro City, each dropping whatever it was they were doing and catching up with the rest of the Team. "What is it, Kaptain?" asked Dark Warrior as he flew up next to him with the TGS box nestled underneath his arm. "Mexico." replied the Kaptain. "Oh. enough said." replied Dark Warrior, as he flew back over to Cousin Shane. "Is it my turn to hold the TGS box?" asked Cousin Shane. "No." replied Dark Warrior, petting the TGS box. "WELL MY GIRLFRIEND IS IN THERE, TOO, YOU KNOW!" replied Cousin Shane.

HOLY CRAP! What is going on in Mexico?
Who could those crazy power levels be coming from?
Will Cousin Shane get to hold the TGS box?
Will Metro Boy ever notice Seonce?
Does he see those hearts that are always dancing around her head?
What is up with the Welder and his American-lingo?
Find out next time on TEAM GO! Your Brother Is A Jerk!
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